What to Inspect When Buying a Used Car

what to inspect when buying a used car san antonio tx

What Is Inspected Prior to Selling a Pre-Owned Car

Typically, an auto dealership will utilize a pre-owned vehicle inspection checklist before any car is registered to their used inventory. This is a scrupulous, multi-point check of all major and minor vehicle systems. An inspection includes many specific items which can vary from one store to another. This makes certain every used vehicle is in acceptable condition. Most components can typically be put into 3 essential categories: mechanical, electronic, and service. Discover all that’s needed for a checklist for a pre-owned vehicle inspection.

Mechanical Checks

Mechanical Inspection

From DSG transmissions to the brakes, updated mechanical car parts control every area of modern cars and it is vital that they are functioning properly to avoid accidents and expensive repair bills. An exhaustive inspection will likely cover these components and others such as the engine, CVT transmissions, drive systems, the battery, the exhaust, and cooling systems (the radiator and hoses). If the vehicle is either a hybrid or an electric vehicle, the drive battery can only be serviced and inspected by a professional.

Electric Check

Electrical Inspection

Now more than ever, modern cars boast complex electrical systems like emissions computers, dashboards, touchscreens, navigation systems, and cameras. So it’s critical that they pass the same rigorous inspections as the mechanical components. A meticulous inspection of the electronics includes all lighting, as well as touchscreens and running lights. Most necessary, however, are diagnostics of any onboard computers and any electronically controlled systems, such as the ignition, engine settings, the brakes, blind spot detection, and cell phone systems.

Historical Check

Vehicle Service Report

A detailed vehicle inspection can uncover any known issues, but it might miss problems that occurred previously. To fully understand the actual status of your car we partner with vehicle history companies like CarFax and AutoCheck. These vehicle history services typically highlight info such as oil changes, title problems, previous accidents, warranty service, and mileage inconsistencies. Realizing the whole account of the car or truck you’re ready to buy lets you make the best decision possible.

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